Citizens Advice Salford 

Census day is on Sunday 21 March 2021.

What is the census?

The census is a survey that happens every 10 years and gives the government and local authorities a picture of all the people and households in England and Wales. The next census takes place on Sunday 21 March 2021.

Your answers to the census questions will help organisations make decisions on planning and funding public services in your area, including transport, education, and healthcare.

It’s important for Salford that everyone gets counted so that we get our fair share of funding from the national government.

When to complete your census.

Every household should complete the census on Sunday 21 March 2021 or as soon as possible after. If you’ve responded before 21 March and things have changed, you can let the census know by calling on 0800 141 2021. You have two weeks to complete it.

The census should take about 10 minutes for the household questions and 10 minutes per person.

If you don’t complete it, you should receive a personal visit from a census field officer.

What if I’m away on Census Day?

If you’re away from the UK on this date, for less than 12 months, you should still be counted in the census. You should be included on the form at your permanent or family address.

If there’s someone staying or living in your home and they’re filling in the household form, they should include you there.

If there’s no one at home, you need to fill it in as soon as you get back. You can also use your access code to complete online while you’re away.

If you have a UK mobile number, you can order a new access code for your address. It will be sent to you by text.

If you don’t have a UK mobile number, you can contact the census for help.

Who should fill in a census?

The householder should fill in the census for the household.

Everyone in England and Wales must complete a census or be included on a census for the place where they’re living or staying.

You must complete the census by law. There is a possible fine of £1000 if you don’t.

What is meant by “householder” and “household”?

You need to complete a census if you:

  • live in private or rented accommodation.
  • are a student.
  • have a second home or empty property.
  • live somewhere that is mobile, such as a canal boat or motorhome.
  • live in a care home, armed forces base or similar establishment.
  • do not live at a fixed address.
  • live in a refuge.
  • are in witness protection.

Staying in the UK for less than three months

You are not responsible for filling in the census if you’re staying in the UK for less than three months. The owner, accommodation manager or householder where you’re staying may ask you some questions so that they can fill in the census about the people staying there.

Answering separately from your household:

If you want to answer separately from the people you live with, you can contact the census service to request an individual access code. Some one must still complete a census for your household.

How to start the census:

You can start the online version form your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

You need the household access code, which are being sent out now.

Who should be included:

You should include everyone living in your household:

  • Everyone who usually lives with you, even if they are away from home on Sunday 21st March,
  • Anyone from outside the UK staying with you overnight who is in the UK for 3 months or more in total,
  • Anyone from the UK staying with you overnight who does not usually live with you but has no other UK address.

Anyone staying with you overnight on 21 March who has another UK address should be included as a visitor.

Your personal information is kept secure:

The census will keep your information confidential for 100 years.

When they publish statistics from the census, they will not publish any information that would enable you to be identified.

For more help:

Visit the census website, or phone free on 0800 141 2021.

There is also a free language line available on 0800 587 2021.

Paper versions of the form and extra help:

Don’t forget you can ask for a paper version of the form using the phone numbers above, as well as to ask for help from a local census support centre.

And remember, Salford needs you to complete the census!


Tom Togher

March 2021.