Citizens Advice Salford Celebrates 80th Anniversary:

We were delighted to welcome as our guest of honour the City Mayor, to our 80th celebration event in Salford’s Worsley Court House, on September 11th. We were celebrating the founding of Citizens Advice Salford, along with the whole Citizens Advice movement, which was founded the very day after the second world war was declared in 1939.

We were grateful to the Mayor for his kind words.

Our chief officer, Tom, gave a review of last years’ main highlights, as well as reviewing our current range of campaigns. Last year we advised over 20,000 people with more than 60,000 different problems; gaining some £15 million extra income for people, and £2.5 million in written off debts. Our current range of campaigns include our Fair Funeral work, work around period poverty, the Feeding Salford plan, a five year longitudinal research project around private housing, work to alleviate child poverty, as well working with the council to improve council tax recovery.

Salford adopted the Council Tax Protocol a little over a year ago, and since then council tax recovery has increased by 2.17%.

Volunteers and staff were available to discuss our special areas of work with our partners.

We are grateful to everyone for coming to support us on the day, as well as being immensely grateful to all our volunteers, partners and supporters for all their generous help over the this year, as well as the last 80 years.


Tom Togher

September 11, 2019.