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Changing your energy supplier – it’s not all about price!

Ahead of Ofgem’s price cap increase, the latest edition of the Citizens Advice star rating – which ranks domestic energy suppliers on customer service – reveals that money does not always buy good service.

Citizens Advice analysis shows expensive doesn’t always mean good and cheap doesn’t always mean bad. Of the 20 cheapest deals with energy suppliers, only five tariffs are with suppliers in the bottom third of the star rating table, whereas 10 tariffs are with suppliers in the top third. 

With the energy price cap increased by £96 to £1,138 from April 1st for default tariff customers, we are encouraging people to consider switching suppliers to get a better deal. Doing so could save an average household up to £200 a year and secure a supplier with better customer service.

The latest star rating (covering customer service scores for October-December 2020) reveals that Orbit Energy, Symbio, Utilita, PFP Energy and ENSTROGA are the poorest performers. Meanwhile, Igloo Energy, M&S Energy, Outfox the Market, Octopus Energy and Co-Operative Energy come out on top.

You can see the full table at:

So, when deciding to change your energy supplier it is sensible to compare the price and the quality of the provider.

To look at prices you can use a comparison website – but these don’t always include all the various options.

You can also find out about the current lowest cost offers from the Sunday newspapers’ money sections. For example, the Sunday Times’ money section last week (April 18) suggests that the best price deals available were from Neo Energy (not on our list), Green (7th on our list), and Outfox the Market (3rd on our list).

If you have a pre-payment meter, then you will not have as much choice when switching supplier. If you live in a social housing tenancy in Salford, then all local social housing providers have agreed to help their tenants to remove these meters if requested.

Tom Togher

April 2021.