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These last years’ have been very difficult with large increases in lots of everyday costs, especially for energy and food. This has made it hard for people to meet all their obligations, and to keep themselves and their households warm and well fed.

On this page you can find information about the various help that is available specifically around meeting the current cost of living challenges, as well as ideas about how to save money.

This is accurate as at May 2024. We will publish regular updates – so remember to come back and see what might have changed.

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Help with fuel costs

Warm Home Discount

The Warm Home Discount Scheme has closed. It will reopen in October 2024.

Saving on energy use:

Not everyone finds it easy to save money on the amount of energy that they use, but if you can, it will play a part in helping you cope with the sudden rises in costs. A useful, and reliable source of advice on how to save on energy can be found on the Energy Savings Trust website.

If you would like someone to visit your home to check on whether you can save any more money contact Groundwork Trust, a Greater Manchester charity that undertakes home visits.

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Financial Support if you are on a low income

Contact the Citizens Advice Help to Claim service to check whether you are entitled to Universal Credit:

You can contact an adviser through our free Help to Claim phone service. Advisers are available 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday:

0800 144 8 444

Help from Salford Council

Salford Assist (the council’s emergency help scheme):

The council might be able to help you in emergencies through the Salford Assist Scheme. See the council’s other Cost of Living services here.

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Help with your food costs

The Healthy Start Scheme:

The healthy start scheme gives families of children under 4, or where someone is 10 weeks or more pregnant a credit (on an electronic card) to be used to buy milk; fresh, frozen, or tinned fruit and vegetables; pulses; or infant milk.

You can get £4.25 a week if 10 weeks pregnant, £8.25 a week for children from birth to 1 year, and £4.25 for children 1 to 4 years of age.

You need to be in receipt of certain benefits, for more information on the scheme, and how to apply go to the Healthy Start website 

Don’t forget you should also be entitled to free vitamins as well – which is the case in Salford. These are available to any families with children under 5, regardless of income. See here for more information from Salford Council. 

Salford’s network of food clubs

There are food clubs in pretty much every part of the city. You need to be on a low income to join a food club. It works by people spending something like £3 each week to buy a weekly shop worth about £15 to £20. This is on a weekly basis. The food for food clubs comes from surpluses, or near to date produce from local supermarkets, or directly from the food industry.

Visit the Salford CVS  site to find out the nearest food club to you.

Food Banks

Salford has a comprehensive range of food banks – available throughout the city. If you need to use a food bank then you need to get an (electronic) voucher from an organisation like us, or your school, or your GP, etc. Food banks generally limit the help they can give to three food parcels in a six-month period. They are aimed at helping you manage a temporary food emergency. Find out more on the Salford Food Bank website.


The various supermarkets have cost costing or loyalty discount schemes that can help save some money as well.


Clubcard scheme - offers reduced prices on selected items as well as the ability to collect points which create money off vouchers

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Discount and money offer coupons

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Build up a cashpot to convert into money off vouchers

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Discount and money offer coupons

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Collect Nectar points and save against future shopping

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Other Shopping

It’s always worth checking out with a particular retailer if you are a frequent shopper with them to see if they offer any loyalty schemes.

Does your employer offer a scheme which gives you access to discount vouchers?

Have you thought of shopping using Cashback websites to help save money?

Does your bank offer a rewards scheme when you use your debit card?

Also check Money Saving Supermarket for shopping tips

Children, school and help with costs of child care

Help with child care costs

There is a lot of financial support out there from nursery age children to 16 year olds at school and you don’t have to receive welfare benefits to get help. Check the different ways you can apply for support here.

Help with baby clothes, equipment and food for infants

Salford has two baby banks who can help with baby clothes, equipment and emergency food.  These can be used in addition to the health start scheme. These include the Charedi community baby bank at the Hershel Weiss Centre, 25 Northumberland Street, Salford M7 4DR. Telephone 0161 778 0070.

Don’t forget to also read our information about the healthy start scheme. You normally need to be referred by a professional that knows you, such as your GP, health visitor or us.

Help with school uniforms:

Each run up to summer we work with our partners Wood Street Mission to deliver a school uniform project. You need to be referred to the scheme and we can do this for you.

We can also, throughout the year, refer you to our partners Emmaus Salford – who run a school uniform hub, providing free items of school uniform for Salford schools as well as school shoes.

Free School Meals

Find out more information here

Help with getting Christmas presents:

Our colleagues at Wood Street Mission will also provide Christmas presents for families that can’t afford them. You will need a referral from a local agency.

Help with broadband, free laptops and phone deals

For broadband social tariffs for low income households visit Uswitch 

Money Saving Supermarket also regularly update its offers information here

There is more general information about local digital deals deals from the Salford Digital Inclusion service.

Help with health costs

Prescriptions and help with NHS costs:

We often see people who do not realise that help might be able to meet the costs of prescriptions, or if not getting help it still might help with the costs of prescription to use the prepaid prescription scheme.

Check if you’re eligible automatically for full help with NHS costs (includes prescriptions, dental treatment charges, the cost of sight tests, glasses and contact lenses, the cost of travelling to receive NHS treatment and NHS wigs and fabric supports)

Apply under NHS Low Income Scheme (partial help with all the above) 

Telephone:  0300 330 1343 

Already entitled to help with NHS costs and need a refund ? (state which type of costs you need a refund for)

Telephone:  0300 330 1343 

NHS Prescription Prepayment Certificate. Pay NHS prescriptions for a set price. Saves you money if you need more than 3 items in 3 months, or 11 items in 12 months. (Apply online and pay on full at your local pharmacy)

Telephone: 0300 330 1341 to set up a monthly direct debit.

Some tax savings

Don’t forget the tax rebate you are due if you have been required to work from home. Check here

There is also a saving for some married couples if your partner is not using their full tax allowance and this might be transferred.

Other websites with more information

For more general advice it is worth reading the national Citizens Advice information and advice on dealing with the cost of living crisis by visiting: 

Salford City Council has also produced a special webpage and a help line, just go to:  or phone 0800 952 1000

You can also get information from the government’s website at: 

Martin Lewis’s Money Saving Expert site has weekly tips and offers on making savings

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