Most Citizens Advice services serve their local community, we are the same, if you live in Salford or have a Salford GP then we are here to help you. If not then search for your local service.

When you visit us, it’s important that the adviser you speak to has as much information about your case as possible.

If you don’t bring the necessary paperwork with you – you might have to come back another time. This means it could take you longer to get the help you need.

Here is a list of the things you may need to have to hand.

No appointment is needed! We hold a brief interview with anyone who drops into our advice centres – if your issue is complex or requires further investigation we will usually arrange a further appointment with you. If you need to make an appointment as you have limited time because you are a carer or you need to take time off work then email us with more information.

Many of our staff and volunteers speak a variety of community languages, so we can sometimes provide interpreting if we have sufficient notice, however we are unable to provide professional interpreting service so we do ask that clients come in with an adult who can interpret for them. We reserve the right not to provide advice or information via a child interpreter.

No, we don’t charge for any of our services, however for specialist advice in housing we will need proof of your income if we need to apply for legal aid.

No, we are an independent charity, we are entirely impartial and your information is never shared with anyone else without your express permission.

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