Introducing our new website!

We hope you will find our new website easy to use, and clear to understand, and most importantly of all that it meets your needs.

Salford Citizens Advice provides one to one advice to more than one in every ten adults in the city each year. Over the years the internet has become more and more important to our work, and for people looking for advice. There are more than sixty thousand people using our website each year, and this is growing.

Our new website will give you more information about using our service, and where you can find advice that suits your needs.

We have worked hard to make sure it is easy to use and we hope it will help you get the best out of your local Citizens Advice Service.

We have improved the way the site makes use of the national Citizens Advice internet service Advice Guide. We have also given what we think are useful links to other organisations that might be of help to you.

We are always keen to hear from people about what they think of our work, and how we are doing.

Salford is a poor community – and we are working hard to fight poverty through the provision on the very best in advice services, and through our campaigning for change. At the heart of our work are our citizen advisers – Salford people who volunteer their time every week to make a difference to their community. We are always keen to hear from anyone who might want to know more about joining us, just check our volunteering page.

I hope you find this re-launched and re-redesigned web site useful, and most importantly of all, that it helps you find the answer to your question.

And finally, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has worked on it,

With Regards,

Tom Togher

Chief Officer
Salford Citizens Advice