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Citizens Advice help two million people every year, and has a closer understanding of the problems that people experience than any other organisation.

Nationally Citizens Advice in undertaking policy research combines these insights with analysis of wider social and economic trends, and sets out new ideas to improve policy and delivery for all.

Citizens Advice and Citizens Advice Salford use this unparalleled evidence from the people we help to try and fix the underlying causes of people’s problems.

As a local Citizens Advice service, we in Salford know which polices are working and spot emerging problems early. We monitor themes and trends and use anonymous data from people we help in order that we can influence strategies and policy making locally.

Citizens Advice Salford reports, research and consultation responses

Overcoming the Barriers to Longer Tenancies in the Private Rented Sector (Consultation response)

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The housing question 2016 – private renting and the housing market in Salford

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The housing question 2016 a review – private renting and the housing market in Salford

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Citizens Advice policy research areas

Welfare policy research

Welfare benefits is our largest advice area, giving us clear insights into the way the system works and the challenges it poses.

Consumer policy research

Covers regulated and unregulated markets allowing us to identify problems and draw comparisons about policies and practices.

Debt and money policy research

Citizens Advice helps hundreds of thousands of people with debt and money problems each year giving us insight into how we can prevent money problems and help people to recover.

Work policy research

Our employment queries give us an understanding of how the labour market is changing and the consequences for workers’ lives.

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