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Salford’s network of community food clubs:

Over the last years we have all probably heard much about the rise of food clubs, and we are lucky that in Salford we have a strong network of food clubs making sure that nobody in Salford should go to bed hungry. If you need to use a food bank you usually need to arrange for a referral – which can be done electronically. The best way is probably by contacting us, with the contact details below. (If you live outside of Salford – then any Citizens Advice Bureau can organise a referral to your local food Trussell Trust food bank).

Emergency help:

A food bank is designed to give you an emergency supply of food for you and your family. It is not a way to meet your or your family’s food needs on an ongoing basis. 

You can also get help in an emergency from the council’s Salford Assist scheme by phoning the Spirit of Salford helpline on 0800 952 1000.

If you have just had a new baby, then extra help is available from a couple of local charities – Salford Baby Bank or Visit from the Stork, to access either of these just speak to a health professional or us to make a referral.

Nearly all the food charities in the city have come together to form a separate charity, the Salford Foodshare Network, and are working hard to make sure we have a way to help households that are struggling to meet their food needs on a regular basis. 

The first thing we have done is to make sure that you can get advice about the issue that may have caused a temporary problem with your income – that’s why a Citizens Advice service is available to everyone in Salford using a food bank. 

Ongoing help with food:

In addition, we have been working with our colleagues Greater Manchester FareShare in partnership with a whole host of local community groups – to set up food clubs across Salford. A food club allows a member to buy something like £15 worth of food for £2.50 or £3 once a week. You can use a food club weekly. You need to apply to join, and each food club will set its own rules – but in general you will need to be receiving a low-income benefit or be in low paid work, to be able to join.

There are other services available at some food clubs such as school uniform help, health promotion services, or access to our local credit union.

There are now 12 food clubs in Salford – and we think that something like six times as many people use a food club each week than do a food bank in Salford.

There is a local food club in Broughton – Higher and Lower, Eccles, Langworthy, Salford Precinct, Little Hulton, Ordsall, Greengate, and Salford Crescent.

If you would like to know more about joining a food club, and whether your local food club is open to new members then just contact us.

Contact Citizens Advice Healthy Holiday team just call:

07494498703 or 07494498678 (We can call you back).

Or email:

Citizens Advice Greater Manchester Out of Hours Advice 6pm- 9pm, 7

days a week.


Tom Togher

April 2021.