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Using the government’s digital gateway if you don’t have a UK passport:

The government has been making more and more of its service available through its digital gateway. You can use the service to deal with your taxes, benefits, and all sorts of other things. We know that lots of people still struggle with using these online digital services. This might be because they don’t have the necessary skills, or confidence. There are lots of places where training and support is available in Salford. Feel free to ask us for more information.

People also might struggle with the costs of going online. There are some schemes available to help with this as well. You can find out more about these on our cost-of-living guide.

The other problem are those people who don’t have a UK passport – which the gateway uses to prove a person’s identity. 

The organisation Three Million – has produced a guide to how to sign up to the gateway if you don’t have a UK passport. You can find this here.

For more information about the Government Gateway go to


Tom Togher.