Avoiding Universal Credit Scams:

With more and more households in Salford moving onto Universal Credit, it is really important to keep your personal information safe – and to avoid being caught in any scams.
A number of new scams involving Universal Credit claiming have been reported in recent press coverage. Do not give personal information to anyone who you cannot trust. The DWP will not ask you to complete a survey.
Everyone moving onto Universal Credit can get help to make their claim from Citizens Advice staff in either your local Job Centre or Gateway Centre.
Do not let talk of scams put you off making your claim. If you have been affected by a scam connected to Universal Credit we can help you deal with the DWP.
You can call the Universal Credit Help to Claim service free on 0800 144 8444 (8 am to 6 pm).

Remember to keep your information safe!

Tom Togher,
May 28, 2019.