New Energy Price Cap announced:

Ofgem have announced the energy price cap for next period – 1 April to 30 June 2024. This means that from 1 April 2024 a household with a typical consumption on dual electricity and gas will pay: 

  • £1,690 a year if they pay by direct debit
  • £1,796 if they pay by standard credit (on receipt of bill)
  • £1,643 if they have a prepayment meter

Prices are worked out per unit of energy used. If you use more, you will pay more. The exact rate and standing charge will depend on the region where the consumer lives.

From 1 April the Energy Price Guarantee will no longer apply to households with a prepayment meter. Ofgem have announced that standing charges will be the same for prepayment and direct debit. This is known as ‘levelisation’. 

You can read about energy price cap levels on the Ofgem website at

There is more information about how to reduce your fuel costs in our cost-of-living section.

Tom Togher

February 29, 2024.