Our response to the March 6th Budget:

Household Support Fund:

We welcomed the decision in the budget to keep the Household Support Fund (HSF) for a further six months – and we recognise that in Salford this fund supports £5.4 million in extra support to our most vulnerable citizens each year. We call for ongoing certainty of funding for the HSF. Something that the Citizens Advice service has campaigned for.

National Insurance Cut:

We welcome the cut to national insurance of 2% due to be implemented from next month.

Debt relief Orders:

We welcome the decision to remove the existing fee for an application for a debt relief order. This is something that the Citizens Advice service has been campaigning for. 

For help about debts or debt relief orders in Salford contact us at www.salfordcab.org.uk.

High Income Child Benefit Charge:

We welcome the increase to £60,000 from £50,000 in the child benefit charge. We still believe that child benefit should be universally available, as was previously the case.

Universal Credit Advance Loans:

We welcome the decision to increase the repayment period for new loans from 12 months to 24 months.


Tom Togher

March 8, 2023.