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Thanks for using our email advice service! Please have a look through some important information before you send us your enquiry

Who we can help

Please note that we can deal with enquiries from residents of Salford so please ensure you give us your full address details below. If you need details of other Citizens Advice services click here.

Client permission and consent

When we record and use your personal information we:

  • Only access it when we have a good reason
  • Only share what is necessary and relevant (in line with our Privacy Policy)
  • Don’t sell it to commercial organisations


We need to record information about you to help with your enquiry. We have a legitimate interest to do this (see our Privacy Policy to find out more).


Your Details

Further information
If we need more information to help us understand your enquiry – for example about your health problems (what we call ‘special category data’ ) we will re contact you and ask for your consent to use this information, so don’t tell us too much for now!

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No response?

If you have not received an acknowledgement of your enquiry within 5 working days then it is probable that your enquiry or our response has been lost somewhere in the system, so please re-send your message detailing when you sent your original message.

Privacy Data – Please Read!

If you are not familiar with security on the Web then you may find it useful to view our privacy page which contains information on how to keep your web usage private. This also contains information about how we store and use your data.

Email advice and security

Emails between you and your adviser are stored within the local Citizens Advice office email system where the adviser is based. This information is immediately transferred into our secure case management system and we will delete the emails from the email system once we have concluded your case.

Special Category Data and Email Advice

If during subsequent email messages it appears that special category data regarding your health conditions or other special category data needs to be exchanged please note that there is still no universally adopted method for securely sending email and that you may wish to post, hand deliver information to us at one of our offices or convey information by phone.

Also please let us know if you would like to send and receive data via encrypted documents only.

Telephone Us

Call our Telephone Advice Service on:
0300 3309 074 Monday to Friday 10 – 4pm

Our telephone service is part of the Greater Manchester (GM) Adviceline, we support each other to deliver telephone advice across the Greater Manchester area. In order to direct you to your local Citizens Advice first we need to identify where you live.

If you are calling from a mobile you will be asked to enter a local landline number, you don’t need to own a landline to do this. If you are ringing from outside the GM area will be directed to our national service.

Calls should be of comparable costs to local landline call charges and should be included in any inclusive packages.


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