The Housing Question – two years on:

In 2016 we published a report into the working of Salford’s private sector housing rental market. Our research is based in the collective experience of the nearly three thousand people who seek advice from us each year about their housing conditions and other housing related problems; of these nearly 500 have serious disrepair problems.

In this, the first review report of this research – we look at the position two years on – and review the calls for actions we make.

We recognise that private rented housing sector does not work in isolation from the housing market in more general terms. Salford is a growing city – and we recognise that with this welcome growth our already pressured housing market is under further pressure. That’s why our chief policy call is for more affordable social housing.

We remain clear in our view that the more must be done to regulate the working of the private rented market, and in particular to improve the security of tenure for people living in private rented accommodation.

We are clear that the current reform of the social security system – for example the roll out of Universal Credit, and a prolonged public policy aim to reduce the level of rent subsidy through housing benefit, applies additional pressure to the market place.

Our report has calls for action at national, city region and local level (See pages 4 and 5).

We will complete a third and final review next year.

We are grateful to our local MP, Rebecca Long-Bailey for taking the trouble to review a pre-publication version of the report, and for giving her comments;

“Two years on from supporting the launch of ‘The Housing Question 2016’ report, it is welcome to see a review and further recommendations for the private renting and housing market in Salford.

 With many people across Salford living in insecure, unaffordable and uninhabitable homes, it is clear that there is a housing crisis. A crisis not only here in Salford, but across Britain, a crisis of supply and of affordability. As the report recommends, there needs to be a stronger regulation of the private housing market, from better rent controls to improved security of tenure”


A copy of the report is available here


Tom Togher

February 2019.